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Lets face it, beginning modeling is tough, but exciting! Fashion modeling for every women is almost every young females dream. Its not only every girls dream but pays well if your a top model and allows you to travel to exciting places. There are other perks in the business like when you become a female model such as sponsorships and meeting some amazing designers, cat walking on various runways in exciting city’s. You may ask yourself this in the beginning…”Do you have what it takes?”

Its important for every women to know that there are many different types of female models in the business. fashion, fitness, glamour, etc..If you have been told your too muscular, not tall enough, too old or any other rules…THEY ARE LYING! More importantly never allow anyone in the business to tell you that there is only one type of model you can be to succeed. Started modeling since I was 5 years of age and you can imagine how many transitions I’ve been through and various types of modeling Ive done growing up. Had lots of People in the business who only knew one way to produce sales tell me that I have only one way to go to be a successful model, but I never listened to that and here today Ive transitioned into fitness, glamour, fashion, designing and even coaching young girls who want to model themselves!

Tip 1: Deciding what type of model you want to be?

Fashion; covers not only editorials, covers for fashion magazines like vogue and Runway modeling also modeling trendy cloths from fashionable designers.

Commercial: Commercial modeling covers advertisements campaigns for top brands like Cover girl cosmetics and campaigns for different manufactures. This has a large range from being a calendar model, glamour model to high volume magazines like sports illustrated.

Fitness Model: This next type of modeling takes a lot of “Will Power” “Dedication” and “Hard work” Simply because of the diet and training required to be successful in this business. Remember though never allow anyone to tell you its impossible to reach your goals as long as you have the will power you can fight any obstacles in your way. The girls you see in the bodybuilding competitions, advertisements for Supplements, “before & after” pics in weight loss commercials is this type of modeling. Be prepared to work daily on your body. The gym will be visited sometimes more then your family.

Tip 2: Get Professional pictures taken in the type of Modeling you want to market yourself in.

Remember whatever picture goes first in the media, that is how people will perceive you for life even when you want to transition they will not want to except the change! Speaking from experience here; though I didn’t want to be known as a glamour model type; the very first photographer I shot with in the beginning directed the shoot. I had no idea that this photographer sold his shots to customers who only bought glamour for reasons Im so against, so when these photo surfaced in places I did not authorize, it was too late, the media perceived me as a glamour model…Truth is; I could have also done other types of modeling. One of the reasons i tell girls so many times…”Be careful who you shoot with!”

Once you have pictures find a positive way to share them with the world; Modeling agencies, sign up to online portfolios for models, casting calls and any other way you can social network such as Faceook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Tip 3: Study your craft!

One that’s so overlooked is this one! Too many beautiful women in this industry feel because they are pretty and have lots of likes along with told every day there beautiful by strange men who really don’t care about you but rather want something from you in return, feel that they don’t need to study there craft. Doesn’t matter how beautiful or talented you are, there is always someone there to take your place. Find new poses, facial expressions, invest in transitioning into another way to make money other then your beauty, ask questions to the ones who have been in business for over decades and always stay humble. Never loose sight of your dreams but always remember that being a model is just that! The real glam comes from the connections you make from people who really care about you!

Happy modeling,

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Model, fitness competitor, fashion designer Gia Macool launched , her online fashion store in late 2013 . features sexy, glamour style dresses, custom design swimwear by Gia Macool and fashion accessories.

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