Keys To Gain Muscle Mass


Gaining muscle mass is not as easy as you may think, and it takes patience and devotion to achieve the goals that you have set forth.
I get asked daily what I do to stay in shape so Ive decided to write about it since there isn’t really any secret.

Here are my top 5 that has helped me go from skinny to curvy in as little as a year, and contrary to what most believe, girls and guys don’t train that different so follow these steps and get sexy:)

1. Set a realistic time frame. I have trained a lot and I see this all the time. People want instant results which set you up for failure. Muscle takes time and training is only part of it, so be patient and give your self a realistic time frame. 

2. Eat often and make sure you eat good quality protein, veggies and carbs. Food is not your enemy when it comes to muscle building, and you are going to eat plenty of it. First thing to realize with weight training is that your muscles are tearing the tissue, and food/protein is what helps them repair and recover, which then becomes the process of muscular growth. Supplements help get you there faster so stop by my Bodybuilder/friend Randy McManus on Facebook and also Facebook page,’The Body Shop Inc’. I also recommend Scitec Nutrition as well!

3. Train heavy don’t be afraid to lift. My very first rep I feel it! by the 5-6 one Im needing someone to spot me. I don’t worry about sets & reps as much as I rely on feeling each and every rep. Form too must be right.

4. Change your routine. I never do the same thing twice. Don’t get me wrong I train each body part weekly but I challenge those body parts so they never know what to expect. 

5. This does not mean to completely take out cardio from your routine, but rather to keep it to a minimum when you are trying to gain muscle mass. The simple reason why is because when you run, hormones in your body begin to eat away and break down your muscle tissue. This is known as a catabolic state, which is the complete opposite of what you are trying to accomplish when it comes to muscle gains.

Happy training! 
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by giamacool

Model, fitness competitor, fashion designer Gia Macool launched , her online fashion store in late 2013 . features sexy, glamour style dresses, custom design swimwear by Gia Macool and fashion accessories.

2 thoughts on “Keys To Gain Muscle Mass

  1. Larry says:

    Great info Gia. I too don’t concentrate as much on the reps and sets as I do the feel of the move. I thought that might’ve been the wrong approach since so many trainers seem to put a lot of emphasis on EXACT numbers of sets and reps. So I’m glad to hear you do the same also. My struggle is nutrition since I don’t have much time at all during the day (or night) to eat enough. I rely on a lot of supplements. And I’m naturally thin to begin with, and I’m older (yikes!) Your photos are INCREDIBLE and your site is fantastic. Keep up the great work!

    • giamacool says:

      So happy that this info helped! Please feel free to send us your suggestions on new blogs:) Stop by The Body Shop Inc. on Facebook. Randy can help you with nutrition & supplements to get you closer to your goals. Thanks again for the comment;)

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