A Model’s Secret Weapon!


Is there really such a thing as a secret weapon to getting the perfect body? Well, the answer is yes and no. Let me explain…
There’s no magic bullet around working hard, having lots of discipline and following basic steps to good health, BUT here is my secret and a staple in pretty much all my dishes that help me stay lean year round and which you can substitute for flour…SWEET POTATO & YAMS! I use them in most of my recipes such as pancakes, tortillas, breads, cakes and even pies, but one of my favorites is down below…KEEP READING!

Sweet potatoes can range in color from orange, white, yellow, light brown and even a hue of vivid purple! They are high in vitamin A, GREAT for model perfect skin!


The sweet potato or yam has been deemed a “super food.” The sweet potato’s nutritional value is astounding. Sweet potatoes alsoslimcado have anti-inflammatory properties, are a great source of antioxidants and are low on the glycemic index.
Actual yams are a lot harder to find in your every day grocery store. You will most likely have to search your local health food store or specialty grocery store to find one.
One of my biggest challenges as a bikini model was to find a balance in looking fit & sexy but living and eating in a way that allowed me to enjoy foods. I love being able to change the minds of junk food advocates and make them see food differently, so this next recipe is for those who love Mexican cuisines. Check it out!

Tell me what you think…

  • Mamasweeta’s Taco Salad!
  • 1 Slimcado (low fat version of an avocado)
  • 100% Grass feed Organic 92%lean 8%fat ground beef
  • Salsa (homemade or store)
  • Jalapeño
  • Fat free Plain Greek yogurt
  • Baked sweet potato
  • shredded spinach
  • Daiya Cheddar Shreds

daiya-cheddar-cheeseBake or crockpot your whole sweet potato or yams till soft and cooked, set aside. Cube your Slimcado and set aside. Shred your spinach and set aside. Heat a skillet to high and brown ground beef till fully cooked adding a 1/2 cup of salsa to 1lb of ground beef along with pepper & salt to taste. Take one Baked sweet potato, slice down center and fluff inside with fork. Place a scoop of ground beef in center and then top with Daiya cheese. Then place shredded spinach on top and dollop of Greek yogurt along with salsa, cubed slimcado and jalapenos for toppings. Enjoy!

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by giamacool

Model, fitness competitor, fashion designer Gia Macool launched GiaMacool.com , her online fashion store in late 2013 . GiaMacool.com features sexy, glamour style dresses, custom design swimwear by Gia Macool and fashion accessories.

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