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 I don’t care who you are, or how long you’ve been cooking and how much you love it, at the end of the day we all would love to put our feet up and have food delivered to our doorstep or swing through the drive-thru.  You can always take that option, but who wants processed garbage full of artificial ingredients. The secret to getting “THE BODY” can only be done by prepping your meals ahead and keeping portions small and nutritious. You will find that it’s not only rewarding physically but quick on time if you follow these steps.

Sunday night has become my prep night for the week.  If I spend a couple hours Sunday night getting ready for the week, it’s pretty much a given that I will eat clean, healthy meals the rest of the week and with no hassle.  
There are a few things I do to make the rest of the week easier when I’m putting away the groceries.  This takes some time to do, but it’ll save you so much time throughout the week!  If you clean and slice everything when you first get home you don’t have to constantly clean the cutting board, knives, and colander, and the fresh fruits and vegetables are easier to snack since they are ready to eat!

▪ Slice and chop anything that needs to be, and place them all in separate bowls so they are easy to grab
▪ I like to cut celery into about 4″ sticks and place it in some water so it stays crisp
▪ Breaking down garlic will save to lots of time throughout the week. I love garlic in everything and it’s easier to use when the cloves are separated and cleaned.

 Here are some ideas for you to prep ahead and store in refrigerator:

1. Cook your pasta, quinoa, sweet potatoes and rice ahead and place it in a covered container in the refrigerator.
2. Grill chicken and veggies place them in a covered container to use throughout the week.
3. Protein Pancakes are always a staple for me and they take just minutes to make.  I will make a double batch Sunday night to use for breakfast.  Then if any are leftover after a few days, I will freeze them.
4. Oatmeal is great to make a few days ahead.  I usually make enough for 4-5 days .

5. Cook Meats such as; chicken, beef and turkey, scale portions out in containers and refrigerate for the week ahead.

Once these foods are stored in easy-to-grab containers already portion out for you, then all your need to do is grab-and-go. This makes working, training, family and everything else more efficient during the week.

Hope this helps you on your way to living a fit & sexy life!

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